Are you a Tour Director? Become a Tour Agent today!

Wherever Tours is creating a new and exciting opportunity for Tour Directors. We want to empower you to design or customize a tour with the flexibility like no other tour operator provides. You'll be a part of the development process, and when the tour design is completed, we'll even create the marketing materials needed to effectively present your tour to your friends, colleagues, family, organizations and past travelers.

Directorship and Agent In-One

As a Wherever Tours Tour Agent, you will be given the option to also be the Tour Director on the tours you design and lead. In addition, any customers you refer to your tour you will get a commission. For directorship salary and inclusions as well as agent commission information, please request it below.

Design Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Tours

We want you to have the most flexibility for your group as possible. If there is a specific group, family or organization you you have in mind for a tour that wants privacy, no problem! Simply meet our minimum traveler requirement and we'll keep that tour an exclusive to you and your group. If your group doesn't mind extra travelers or you have multiple groups that want to go on your tour, then all the power to you, the more travelers, the more incentives!

Your Options, Your Favorites

As the Tour Agent, you will have the ability to request not what the daily itinerary of your tour is, but your suggested hotels, restaurants and optional excursions will all be considered as we work with you to design the tour. We can't stress enough how much we want our Tour Agent Incentive Program not only be a new way for Tour Directors to create more income, but to show off their favorite aspects of tourism to their clients.

Client Support Handled For You

We handle the logistics, you make create the experience. We've been managing bookings and reservations of tours for years, but more importantly we have maintained an outstanding level of customer support making Wherever Tours a perfect partner for you. Whether you a planning an exclusive or non-exclusive tour, we step the customers through.

How To Get Started

Request for more information -> Review the terms -> Apply to become a Tour Agent