Meet The Dream Team


Riccardo was raised in Sicily by a pure Sicilian father and a Welsh mother. He has been a worldwide travel professional for over 25 years and loves to share his knowledge with everybody. Today, he manages the Wherever Tours office in Sorrento, and his wife Paola’s hotel and restaurant. He also loves history and food and, of course, as a good Welshman, he loves his wine. He loves to have fun and is sure to help make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

David Shick is a free-spirited entrepreneur who has been involved in several diverse and successful ventures. He is an educated scientist, who owns Richmond Diagnostics, a medical supply company. He is also very handy, has a love for helping out and having fun. Through all of these experiences, he has gained a love for travel. He has been coordinating group tours for decades. He meticulously plans and helps execute every featured tour.

David runs the Wherever Tours office in Beachwood, NJ. David is an Italian American married to his Irish American wife, Pat for over 40 years. They have been sharing their love for travel and adventure all this time and are not ready to stop. David is a highly skilled, organized, and knowledgeable travel professional. He is always ready to set you up on your dream tour. Even better, join him and Pat on one of their trips.

Riccardo and David met and became business partners on a tour of Italy in 2008.

Let the Dream Team Take You There!

Are you ready for Riccardo and David to make your travel goals happen? They have the knowledge and expertise to coordinate custom tours just for you ensuring you experience all the nuances of the culture and beauty of the locations you're dreaming of. If you're looking for the best value, our on-going preplanned and organized tours focus on a balance of the most requested destinations as well as the best itineraries based on our vast travel experience.